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The world needs that artist

I created this mixed media art piece as an encouragement to myself and others to, you know, "step out." But that got me thinking about what we are all supposed to be stepping out into(!?). Seems a little cliche without context.

What answer keeps bubbling up to the front of my thoughts? Our creative destiny.

Sounds dramatic, I know, but I think it's that special fingerprint we leave on the world through our art (whether that be visual, musical, written, spoken, etc.) that really defines us. I wish it had not taken me so long to really grab hold of this. Sigh. But here I am.

I believe the most valuable thing you and I possess to move into our creative destiny is our uniqueness.

This bears repeating: The most valuable thing you possess to move into your creative destiny is your uniqueness.

Technology has leveled the playing field to the point that we all have the tools to create stuff and get it out there. But if you give up your uniqueness for what's current or on the fickle whim of some editor or producer, you lose the chance to set yourself apart.

You have something totally unique to contribute, that only you can contribute, but it needs to originate from you. Dig deep and find who you are as an artist before you let outside voices in.

What's your message? What sounds draw you in and get you excited? What causes move you? What colors do you love? What textures? What does your art look like, sound like, feel like when no one else is around and no one else matters?

When you close your eyes what are you creating and how are you creating it? What audience do you feel drawn to share it with?

Get in touch with your artistic mission and design your personal platform for what you want to say and how you want to say it. You must decide who you are as an artist and then believe it.

Then get honorable people by your side to help you refine it and promote it.

This will help set you on a path to be the artist you were created to be.

And the world needs that artist.

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