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The enemy of my creativity is overthought

I have found that the enemy of my creativity is overthought.

My most creative moments happen when I get out of my head and just put paint to canvas or let the melodies come...when I let my creative core take over, and I just get out of the way. I find this to especially be the case with visual art. If I think too much about it, I become too hesitant. I lose my courage to dive in. And I think diving in is so key.

People ask me how my creative works come about, especially my songs, and I don't really have a clear answer. I don't have a formula for songwriting, although I know there are endless how-to guides out there! I just write what comes to me. And I write what I need to hear. I write what I am inspired to write and what I care about. Usually lyrics and melodic lines come to me while doing the daily grind - driving to work, folding laundry, showering - nothing glamorous! When I have lyrics and melody worked out in my head I sit down at the piano and figure out the chords. And that is that. Definitely not glamorous.

I think we make creativity too complicated sometimes. We put it on a pedestal. We try to figure it out; to crawl inside it and dissect it. We think we need to learn a craft perfectly in order to engage in it. But I think that is backwards. I think we need to spend that effort getting in touch with what we are passionate about and what we want to say. Then we need to just say it, write it, sing it, paint it, or whatever, no matter how imperfectly we feel that expression is. We will get better the more we create, and the journey is so utterly important in the meantime.

I am finding that for me, it is a continual journey of discovering who God created me to be and then creating out of that calling. The creative arts give legs to this expression and make it possible to connect with others and share our gifts...share our concerns...share hope. Our creations don't have to be perfect. They don't need to follow current trends. They don't need the approval of others. They just need to be authentic.

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