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Only one thing

I've been thinking a lot lately about how much hype and industry have built up around worship music, praise bands, and the like.

It is so weird to me how we follow the hottest worship bands like they are rock stars.

It's so weird that so much emphasis is placed on the lighting and amplification and having the right millennial sound.

It's so weird to stand on a stage where it's super loud but you still can't really hear yourself and have everyone watching you and critiquing and giving you unsolicited feedback.

And it's so weird that some people get really rich from it.

I care about only one thing as it relates to this topic: I want to partner with the Lord to lead people into His presence. I want to create space and stand in the gap to support people in experiencing God, hearing from Him, and being renewed, encouraged, and healed. I don't care how that looks or how I look doing it. I don't need a grand stage or the affirmation of the right people. I don't need a fancy title.

Opportunities are continuing to open up for me as I step out deeper into faith and into this call I've been feeling for quite a while. I feel the shift.

Let me know if you would like me to lead a worship and prayer night or any kind of worship service. I serve at a home church but will do my best to help you, too. And thank you to those whose prayers sustain me, much more so than I even know, I am sure.


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