It's time to do some weeding

Today I finally weeded in front of our house. I've been complaining about these weeds for months, but I never did anything about them because, to be honest, I was intimidated by them. I didn't think I could get them up.

But what I found once I started pulling was that even though they looked big and intimidating above ground, their roots were shallow. They were these big bullies crowding out the beautiful plants, but they didn't have any bite once pressure was applied. With some effort and confidence those weeds all came up.

Friends, we need to apply some pressure to the weeds in our life and pull them up at the root. We need to stop letting the junk crowd out the beautiful things God is doing in and through us.

Christ offers us roots that are deep and strong; we don't have to be intimidated by shallow weeds that try to block His light and keep us from growing. It's time to do some weeding.

#rootedinChrist #pullweeds #faithoverfear #inspiration

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