Get through the winter, and the spring will come...

Recently I was sitting on our back deck watching our weary trees bending in the wind, losing their leaves. It was a pleasant day, but there was a tangible feeling of winter in the air; a surrendering of the former season to the latter.

I always dread the coming of winter. It's my least favorite season. For me it’s always something to be endured. I was talking to the Lord about this, as I often talk to him about such things, and I heard him speak to my heart, “Get through the winter, and the spring will come.”

I really sensed, though, that “get through” did not mean to endure, but rather to abide, and that He was using the concept of seasons to speak to me about something much deeper. I believe He was saying to breathe deeply and gracefully move through it. To flow with the winter’s current instead of fighting against it. To make space to listen to Him and to prepare for spring. To practice patience towards myself and the moment I’m in. To learn to be calm.

How incredible that the Lord would reach into my life to pull out some areas that need a little attention and gently invite me to work on them, giving new purpose to a season that was making me feel a little down. And to think he wants to do this for each of us!

Friends, no matter what your own winter looks like, please know that your spring will come, too. Until then, I wish you peace and patience as you walk through it.

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