With a combined forty years of hands-on, professional fundraising experience, Gentry and Meyer, LLC provides two areas of professional services: fundraising coaching to nonprofits and philanthropic advising to corporate and foundation donors. 

Fundraising Coaching

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We coach at the strategy level first, because from good strategy flow sound fundraising approaches. 


So often we find that organizations shortcut the strategy work and just hire a “grant writer” or another consultant to make the ask. But the hard truth is this: success lies in first getting your organizational house in order, and that merits time and effort. 


As your partner and advocate we will:

  • help build your case

  • hone in on your areas of greatest strength

  • customize your annual fund design

  • assess your major gift, corporate and private foundation prospect pools

  • coach you through meeting and presentation preparation

  • advise on any letters or proposals you need to craft


We believe you are the experts of your cause, and as such you need to be in the driver’s seat. And we will be beside you every step of the way.

Philanthropy Advising

Drawing on extensive work with corporations and private foundations of all sizes, we offer advising to funders looking to make the most impact with their philanthropic investments while staying on course with their organizational priorities. This can include finding potential grantees that match your giving interests, advising on application and reporting structures, assisting with grantee selection, and even serving as a comprehensive liaison to your prospective and current grantees. 

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